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By joining this membership, you agree that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions stipulated in the waiver and that you are safe to breathe.

That you do not suffer from any of the following conditions (listed below) and if you do, and still choose to join, you have already consulted with your medical professional as well as Bianca from Breathe with Bianca:

schizophrenia, aneurysms, bi-polar, epilepsy, heart conditions, high blood pressure (not controlled with medication), glaucoma, history of strokes or seizures, or pregnancy.

You also agree that should anything change at any point whilst Breathing with Bianca, you will consult a doctor before resuming any Breathwork activity and inform Bianca of the situation.

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Breathe Love membership

Release and let go of your fears, open your heart, connect with yourself in a way you've never before, discover yourself, feel empowered and transform your life. That is the power of Breathwork.

Join today (Three month commitment recommended) and you'll get access to the following:

  • All available Breathwork sessions
  • The membership platform
  • The Breathe Love community
  • Discounts to Bianca's other offers (present and future) such as upcoming online courses, 1:1 Breathwork, Nutrition consults etc
  • A locked in monthly Founding Member's price
  • Any add-ons coming in the future
  • Epic value for money

Anyone can do Breathwork but before you join the membership, please read the waiver* and confirm you are safe to breathe with us.

Breathwork is a powerful practice that can transform your mind, your body, your thoughts, your emotions, your stress levels, your capacity, your energy, your sleep, your health, your immunity and more.

Breathwork can be practiced weekly and each session is completely unique.

Your Breathwork experience can be purely physical. It can be incredibly emotional, but also cathartic. It can take you to places outside of your body. It can make you feel like you've been in a deep sleep or a trance. Whatever your experience it is exactly what you need in that moment.

If you know that you suffer from a lot of stress, have physical pain in your body, have healing to do (in whatever capacity), have repressed emotions, have suffered trauma (physical or mental), question your purpose in life, struggle with your thoughts, feel challenged by your past and just want to move forward, wish you could treat yourself better, tell yourself that you love yourself, then Breathwork can help you.

And while one session is powerful and can be incredibly transformative, multiple sessions a week (at minimum once a week) can see some incredible change come about. Like with anything, repetition is what is necessary for our healing to take place. Just like we can't eat a healthy meal once or go to bed early a couple of times or exercise irregularly and expect change, we also can't expect our mental, emotional and physical body to heal with just one session here and there.

So if you're after transformation, if you're committed to your healing, join the Breathe Love membership and see how Breathing in a conscious and connected way on a regular basis can help you release and let go of your worries, fears, tension and trauma and connect you to yourself, your heart, spirit and soul while rebalancing your energy centres (chakras) and developing a spiritual connection.

I hold the space for you while you do the work but you will quickly understand that you hold the power to your own transformation. And once you understand this, there's no stopping you!

So, don't hesitate, join the Breathe Love membership today. 

Breathe an open heart and mind, a love and acceptance for yourself like never before.

Doors closing soon.

See you on the inside.

So much love,

* By joining the Breathe Love membership, you are agreeing to the waiver, that you have no underlying conditions and are safe to breathe.

What People Are Saying:

OMG it’s been like my 4th time now and Bianca's breath work sessions are next level!. They have helped me recalibrate my nervous system, helped me to reconnect with my body in ways I didn’t know were possible, and most of all brought me peace. Bianca has the most open heart, and creates the most beautiful and safe space for people on their breath work journey. Thank you so much Bianca, you are amazing at what you do ❤️


I joined Bianca's sessions not knowing the potential and the impact breathwork has, the experience has been phenomenal. Bianca's punctuality, guidance and insights are just what you would need that day. She is the host with the most, fantastic facilitator, great selection of the most apt music. I'm immensely appreciative of her work with much generosity and kindness she has the ability to bring out the best in you.


I have had the absolute pleasure of attending Bianca’s breathwork online sessions for some months now, and can say just how much they’ve already had a profound impact on my life. Bianca’s passion for self love, self growth, and facilitation shows through in every session with her. From the beginning I have always felt very physically safe and emotionally supported. Every aspect of the breath work sessions are expertly executed from the briefing, meditation, choice in music and debriefing. I am so grateful to have been lead to Breathwork with Bianca. I could not recommend it enough and am excited to continue on this journey. Thank you Bianca!


Bianca is an excellent and professional facilitator with beautiful and calm voice. I had nearly 10 sessions with her and I love each of them. I had better sleep after each session. I also find I am more creative after the session and that is the best time to work on some projects. The breath work really improves the connect between the body and the brain and helps me to identify some emotional blockages. I highly recommend her if you would like to explore yourself deeper.

Yi Zhao