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Who is the Breathe Love membership for?


  • People who love to breathe
  • People who want a regular practice to help ground, centre, energize and calm themselves (and much more)
  • People who struggle with meditation 
  • People who have tried everything to change their life/health/mood/mind/connection but nothing quite worked
  • People who want a deeper connection to self and a more open heart
  • People who know they have inner work to do and are ready for it
  • People who are awakened and on a spiritual journey of self discovery
  • People who are looking to really transform their life; to feel empowered in a way they haven't before

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  • Free access or heavy discounts to Bianca's other offers (present and future) 
  • A locked in for life monthly Founding Member's price
  • An epic facilitator to hold the space for you while you breathe
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Top Features

  • Become a Founding member
  • Access to all classes on the schedule
  • No payment upfront, get a FREE week on me!
  • Epic value for money (see below for details)
  • Access to the membership platform 
  • Access to the Breathe Love community
  • Discounts or free access to Bianca's other offers
  • A locked-in-for-life monthly Founding Member's price
  • An epic facilitator by your side
  • Access to a practice that can change your life forever!
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(Current Founding Member)

I had my first ever breathwork class with Bianca yesterday and it was truly remarkable. Never before have I experienced such a powerful physical and emotional healing session all wrapped up in one. Bianca created and held a safe, comfortable and nurturing space for everyone in the class to have their own unique experience. This is a powerful modality that I am intrigued and excited by, keen to explore how much it can support my personal growth and healing.


I have had the absolute pleasure of attending Bianca’s breathwork online sessions for some months now, and can say just how much they’ve already had a profound impact on my life. Bianca’s passion for self love, self growth, and facilitation shows through in every session with her. From the beginning I have always felt very physically safe and emotionally supported. Every aspect of the breath work sessions are expertly executed from the briefing, meditation, choice in music and debriefing. I find that every breathwork session has different personal outcomes for me and can bring different emotions to the surface. I always feel very safe in my expression of this because of the beautiful and warm space Bianca holds. I am so grateful to have been lead to Breathwork with Bianca. I could not recommend it enough and am excited to continue on this journey. Thank you Bianca!


(Current Founding Member)

I joined Bianca's sessions not knowing the potential and the impact breathwork has, the experience has been phenomenal. Bianca's punctuality, guidance and insights are just what you would need that day. She is the host with the most, fantastic facilitator, great selection of the most apt music. I'm immensely appreciative of her work with much generosity and kindness she has the ability to bring out the best in you.


I’m hooked! I left Bianca's breathwork session feeling mentally clearer and calmer. The music and her voice created a safe container where I felt my body was able to let go of tension and I found myself fully surrendering to the experience. It was a great way to start off my day.


Bianca is a gifted breathwork facilitator. She held space for a powerful session, allowed me to feel safe and go where I needed to go. Her voice is calming, nurturing and supportive, her beautiful guidance was on point, made me feel seen and safe. I experienced an emotional release, and the effects of the session were carried far beyond our time together.


Wonderful session with Bianca. I had no idea what to expect but was at ease the whole time thanks to Bianca. You can definitely see that she knows what she is doing and has such a wonderful demeanour that you immediately feel at ease. I felt I was in very good hands and really enjoyed the experience. Very much looking forward to my next session!

The Breathe Love membership

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You're worth it and I want you to know that you are saving big-time on a membership that can change your life, especially if you have been a regular client of mine.

A single 1hr class is valued at $33. A single 30 min class is valued at $22.

The total value of what I'm offering every week is $165 (that's $660 a month!). But let's be real, just like the gym, you would not attend every class.

If you were to commit to the "quickie" sessions each week, plus a longer session, you would pay $396 per month.

If you were to attend one 60 min class a week, you would pay $132 per month.

And if you were to simply do one 30 min session a week, you would pay $88 per month.


So at $44 per month, this life-changing Breathwork membership is beyond worth it!

(Not to mention the other things you get and all the other things coming your way!)


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Top features

  • Become a Founding member
  • Access to all scheduled classes
  • No payment upfront, get a FREE week on me!
  • Epic value for money (see above for details)
  • Access to the membership platform 
  • Access to the Breathe Love community
  • Discounts or free access to Bianca's other offers
  • A locked-in-for-life monthly Founding Member's price
  • An epic facilitator by your side
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